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Life: Poster Session
Mon, p.m., Residence Inn

The Moon as a Laboratory for Biological Contamination Research, J. P. Dworkin, D. P. Glavin, M. Lupisella, D. R. Williams, G. Kminek, J. D. Rummel [Abstract 8064], Poster Location: 1

"Be Careful What You Wish For:" The Scientific, Practical, and Cultural Implications of Discovering Life in Our Solar System, J. D. Rummel [Abstract 8163], Poster Location: 2

The Importance of Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE) Analysis and Imaging to the Search for Life on the Ocean Worlds, D. F. Blake, P. Sarrazin, K. Thompson [Abstract 8138], Poster Location: 3

Follow the (Outer Solar System) Water: Program Options to Explore Ocean Worlds, B. Sherwood, J. Lunine, C. Sotin, T. Cwik, F. Naderi [Abstract 8034], Poster Location: 4

Analogies Among Current and Future Life Detection Missions and the Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Industries, N. R. Wainwright, A. Steele, L. Monaco, M. Fries [Abstract 8175], Poster Location: 5

On Neuromorphic Architectures for Efficient, Robust, and Adaptable Autonomy in Life Detection and Other Deep Space Missions, J. Tani, G. Ruvkun, M. T. Zuber, C. E. Carr [Abstract 8080], Poster Location: 6

Technologies for Missions to Ocean Worlds, L. H. Matthies, M. M. Abid, P. G. Backes, L. Del Castillo, B. H. Wilcox, M. A. Jones, P. M. Beauchamp, J. A. Cutts [Abstract 8165], Poster Location: 8

Don't Invent the Wheel: Seeking Life in the Subsurface of Multiple Icy Ocean Worlds by 2050, B. E. Schmidt [Abstract 8242], Poster Location: 9

Roadmap for the Exploration of Dwarf Planet Ceres, J. C. Castillo-Rogez, C. A. Raymond, C. T. Russell, A. S. Rivkin, M. Neveu [Abstract 8077], Poster Location: 10

Origins: Poster Session
Mon, p.m., Residence Inn

Prospects for Detecting Cryovolcanic Activity in Exoplanetary Systems, L. C. Quick, E. Adams, A. C. Barr [Abstract 8036], Poster Location: 11

Planetary Science with Next Generation Large Astrophysics Missions, S. N. Milam, H. B. Hammel [Abstract 8210], Poster Location: 12

Laboratory Studies of Extraterrestrial Ices — Sample Return from Icy Bodies, F. E. Brenker, L. Vincze, D. J. Prior [Abstract 8122], Poster Location: 13

Exploring the Largest Mass Fraction of the Solar System: The Case for Planetary Interiors, L. R. Danielson, D. Draper, K. Righter, F. McCubbin, J. Boyce [Abstract 8120], Poster Location: 14

‘It Takes a Village.’ Collaborative Outer Planet Missions, A. M. Rymer, E. P. Turtle, M. D. Hofstadter, A. A. Simon, G. B. Hospodarsky [Abstract 8199], Poster Location: 15

Exploring Planet Migration and Early Solar System Bombardment, W. F. Bottke, D. Nesvorny, S. Marchi, H. Levison, R. Canup [Abstract 8137], Poster Location: 16

Advanced Curation Activities at NASA: Preparing for the Next Waves of Astromaterials Sample Return, R. A. Zeigler, J. H. Allton, C. A. Evans, M. D. Fries, F. M. McCubbin, K. Nakamura-Messenger, K. Righter, M. Zolensky, E. K. Stansbery [Abstract 8196], Poster Location: 19

Science at a Variety of Scientific Regions at Titan Using Aerial Platforms, M. T. Pauken, J. L. Hall, L. Matthies, M. Malaska, J. A. Cutts, P. Tokumaru, B. Goldman, M. De Jong [Abstract 8177], Poster Location: 22

Workings: Poster Session
Mon, p.m., Residence Inn

Exploring Below the Surface at Human Scales: Adding a Third Dimension to Our Knowledge of Planets, L. M. Carter, S. Kruse, J. E. Bleacher, R. R. Ghent, N. Schmerr, N. E. Petro, D. M. H. Baker [Abstract 8078], Poster Location: 25

Lunar Volatiles as a Resource for Science and Exploration, D. M. Hurley, LEAG Executive Committee [Abstract 8096], Poster Location: 26

UV Imaging Spectroscopy: The 2050 Vision, A. R. Hendrix, F. Vilas, K. D. Retherford, W. E. McClintock, S. Nikzad, C. J. Hansen, N. M. Schneider, G. M. Holsclaw [Abstract 8130], Poster Location: 27

Astronaut-Deployable Geophysical and Environmental Monitoring Stations, S. D. Guzewich, J. E. Bleacher, M. D. Smith, A. Khayat, P. Conrad [Abstract 8092], Poster Location: 29

On-Orbit Planetary Science Laboratories for Simulating Surface Conditions of Planets and Small Bodies, J. Thangavelautham, E. Asphaug, S. Schwartz [Abstract 8059], Poster Location: 30

Riddles of the Sphinx: Titan Science Questions at the End of Cassini-Huygens, C. A. Nixon, R. K. Achterberg, A. Buch, R. N. Clark, P. Coll, F. M. Flasar, A. G. Hayes, L. Iess, R. D. Lorenz, R. Lopes, M. Mastroguiseppe, F. Raulin, T. Smith, A. Solomidou, C. Sotin, D. F. Strobel, E. P. Turtle, V. Vuitton, R. A. West, R. Yelle [Abstract 8156], Poster Location: 32

Enabling Technologies for a Future Lunar and Planetary Geophysical Network, C. R. Neal, D. Currie, R. Grimm, S. Kedar, S. Nagihara, M. Siegler, R. Weber, K. Zacny [Abstract 8143], Poster Location: 33

Defense and Resources: Poster Session
Tue, p.m., Residence Inn

Strategies for Prospecting and Extracting Water on Mars for Long-Term Human Exploration, R. J. Rolley, S. J. Saikia [Abstract 8149], Poster Location: 1

Ground-Based Radar Observations: Enabling the Future of Small-Body Science, Planetary Defense, and Solar System Exploration, P. A. Taylor, L. A. M. Benner, E. G. Rivera-Valentin, A. Virkki, M. W. Busch, M. C. Nolan [Abstract 8233], Poster Location: 5

Solar System Resource Assessment in 2050, L. Keszthelyi, D. Trilling, J. Hagerty, N. Moskovitz, M. Milazzo [Abstract 8132], Poster Location: 6

The Deflector Selector: A Machine Learning Framework for Prioritizing Deflection Technology Development, E. R. Nesvold, N. Erasmus, A. Greenberg, E. van Heerden, J. L. Galache, E. Dahlstrom, F. Marchis [Abstract 8050], Poster Location: 8

Policy, Pathways, Techniques, and Capabilities: Poster Session
Tue, p.m., Residence Inn

A Framework for Organizing a Long-Term Planetary Science Program, M. Elvis [Abstract 8014], Poster Location: 10

Student Involvement in Space Exploration: The Next Generation, F. Bagenal, M. Horanyi [Abstract 8237], Poster Location: 11

A Venus Atmosphere Sample Return Mission Concept: Feasibility and Technology Requirements, E. Shibata, Y. Lu, A. Pradeepkumar, J. A. Cutts, S. J. Saikia [Abstract 8164], Poster Location: 13

How Planetary Magnetospheres Have and Can Continue to Drive Solar System Exploration, J. H. Westlake, P. C. Brandt, R. L. McNutt, D. G. Mitchell, A. M. Rymer [Abstract 8072], Poster Location: 14

Manned Missions, Geoengineering, and Planetary Protection – How Safe is Safe Enough?, E. Persson [Abstract 8062], Poster Location: 15

Getting Humans to Mars, a Possible Future, S. Diniega, D. W. Beaty, D. Bass, L. Hays, C. Whetsel, R. Whitley, R. Zurek [Abstract 8071], Poster Location: 16

Planetary Science in the Next Decades: The Astromaterials Perspective, H. Y. McSween, K. D. McKeegan [Abstract 8021], Poster Location: 18

Archival Data and Computational Power in Planetary Astronomy: Lessons Learned 1979–2016 and a Vision for 2020–2050, M. R. Showalter, M. S. Tiscareno, R. S. French [Abstract 8108], Poster Location: 19

Achieving Visionary Planetary Science Goals with Deep Space CubeSats, C. Hardgrove, B. L. Ehlmann [Abstract 8183], Poster Location: 21

Novel Planetary Science Enabled by Networked Constellations, E. J. Wyatt, J. C. Castillo-Rogez, S. A. Chien, L. P. Clare, A. A. Fraeman, S. J. Herzig, I. A. Nesnas, J. Lazio [Abstract 8091], Poster Location: 22

Remote Sensing Science and Instrument Development Paradigms Will Radically Change as Deep Space Optical Communications Infrastructure is Standardized, K. D. Retherford [Abstract 8113], Poster Location: 23

Addressing Potential Challenges and Opportunities in the Years Before PSV 2050: Anticipating Revolutions Still to Come in Science, Technology, and Society, M. S. Race, H. A. Thronson, B. Siegel, J. A. Spry [Abstract 8159], Poster Location: 24

Propulsion and Power Using Electrodynamics, L. Johnson, L. H. Krause, B. Wiegmann, S. Bilen, B. Gilchrist [Abstract 8069], Poster Location: 25

Capabilities to Enable Future Planetary Science, J. B. Plescia [Abstract 8185], Poster Location: 28

The Interstellar Probe Mission: Humanity's First Explicit Step in Reaching Another Star, P. C. Brandt, R. McNutt, G. Hallinan, M. Shao, R. Mewaldt, M. Brown, L. Alkalai, N. Arora, J. McGuire, S. Turyshev, A. Biswas, P. Liewer, N. Murphy, M. Desai, D. McComas, M. Opher, E. Stone, G. Zank, L. Friedman [Abstract 8173]

The Planetary Science Workforce: Goals Through 2050, J. A. Rathbun, B. A. Cohen, E. P. Turtle, J. A. Vertesi, A. S. Rivkin, S. M. Hörst, M. S. Tiscareno, F. Marchis, M. Milazzo, S. Diniega, E. Lakdawalla, N. Zellner [Abstract 8079]

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