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Announcing the first High pressure Experimental Research Apparatus Technical Implementation Conference (HERATIC), a COMPRES funded working group meeting in support of the development of the first 5000 ton press open user facility in the US.

Meeting Location and Dates

The CETUS Working Group: Rise of the HERATICs working group meeing will be held January 23–24, 2017 at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), 3600 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, Texas 77058.


Lisa Danielson
Dave Draper

Contact: Lisa Danielson

Eligibility and selection criteria

All interested researchers are invited to apply.  Early career scientists are particularly encouraged to join in planning and development of this facility.

All candidate attendees must complete the application form.  Space for this first working group is limited to 20 participants, but we expect to hold larger workshops as the project develops.

Preference will be given to researchers who have supported this project in previous proposals.


Large sample volume 5000 ton multi-anvil presses have contributed to the exploration of deep Earth and planetary interiors, synthesis of ultra-hard and other novel materials, and serve as a sample complement to pressure and temperature regimes already attainable by diamond anvil cell experiments. However, no such facility exists on the North American continent. A large press has a number of potential benefits to expanding high pressure research, as outlined by the COMPRES community at meetings over the past year. After the Large Multi-Anvil Press COMPRES workshop in July 2015, work began in earnest by the CETUS development team to establish a large multi-anvil press facility in the United States. The development team members are Lisa Danielson1, David Draper2, Kai Landskron3, Kurt Leinenweber4, Francis McCubbin2, and Kevin Righter2. 1Jacobs JETS, NASA JSC, 2NASA JSC, 3Lehigh University, 4Arizona State University.


The development team is seeking more active input and participation from the community as the project moves forward. This working group meeting will address the following issues and outline a plan of action for CETUS development for 2017:

  • What are the themes and science goals for the facility? Specifically, how do these address NASA and NSF programs and objectives?
  • What are the innovation, process, and/or technical development goals for the facility? How will this facility differ from others (GRC and BGI)? What design considerations are there that will address our user base (also see below, users and funding)?
  • Who is our initial user base? How might the user base and their experimental needs change over time? How will we engage this base for any additional development or operations funding?
  • What are the initial and long term funding sources? What are additional strategies will be implemented to secure CETUS funding?
  • What community service projects should this facility fulfill? What user logistical concerns remain, and how will these be addressed?
  • What are development or operational hurdles and pitfalls, and how will these be addressed?


COMPRES has a fixed travel budget for participants of up to $800 for domestic travel for participants.  Please make every effort to keep travel costs low — airport transport can be coordinated via the convener, Lisa Danielson.  Please make all your own travel arrangements, and seek reimbursement through the COMPRES offices.  A block of hotel rooms will be reserved at the Candlewood Suites on Bay Area Blvd., close to the meeting location.

Travel reimbursement