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Poster Session: Global Studies and Datasets
Mon, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Improved Mars Odyssey Neutron Spectroscopy (MONS) Mapping of Near-Surface Water-Equivalent Hydrogen, A. V. Pathare, W. C. Feldman, T. H. Prettyman, E. Jensen, S. Maurice [Abstract 1150], Poster Location: 7

Poster Session: Mars as an Igneous System and Solid Body
Mon, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

A Preliminary Study Comparing LIBS on Martian Meteorite NWA 7034 and ChemCam Data, S. R. Gordon, H. E. Newsom, C. B. Agee, S. M. Clegg, J. Lasue, R. C. Wiens, A. R. Santos, MSL Team [Abstract 1047], Poster Location: 32

High-Resolution Apparent Thermal Inertia Mapping of Valles Marineris (Mars), M. Kubiak, D. Mège, J. Gurgurewicz, J. Ciążela, K. Dębniak [Abstract 1387], Poster Location: 44

Poster Session: Mars' First Billion Years: I
Mon, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Warming Early Mars with CO2 and H2, R. M. R. Ramirez, R. K. Kopparapu, M. E. Z. Zugger, T. D. R. Robinson, R. F. Freedman, J. F. K. Kasting [Abstract 1008], Poster Location: 54

Ferric and Possible Ferrous Sulfates in the Northern Mawrth Vallis Region of Mars, W. H. Farrand, T. D. Glotch, B. Horgan [Abstract 1345], Poster Location: 94

Poster Session: Rover-Scale Geology and Related Studies
Tue, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Calibration of the MSL RMI and MAHLI cameras, K. E. Herkenhoff, O. Gasnault, K. Edgett, M. Lemmon, S. LeMouelic, Y. Langevin, E. M. Lee, R. Sucharski, M. Rosiek, S. Bender, J. R. Johnson, N. Bridges, S. McNair, J. Maki, R. L. Kirk, S. Maurice, R. Wiens [Abstract 1099], Poster Location: 28

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy as a Tool to Differentiate Compositions of Iron-Bearing Minerals, A. L. Rosen-Gooding, A. M. Ollila, S. R. Gordon, H. E. Newsom, A. J. Williams, R. K. Martinez, R. C. Wiens, S. M. Clegg [Abstract 1174], Poster Location: 34

Multispectral VNIR Evidence of Alteration Processes on Solander Point, Endeavour Crater, Mars, W. H. Farrand, J. F. Bell III, J. R. Johnson, D. W. Mittlefehldt [Abstract 1354], Poster Location: 61

Poster Session: Exhibit on Mars Analogue Minerals
Tue, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Meteorites and Minerals Associated with the Origin of Life on Earth or Mars, R. B. Bruner [Abstract 1172], Poster Location: 100

Poster Session: Biosignatures, Habitability, and Preservation
Wed, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Identifying High Priority Fossil Biosignatures in Mars Analog Materials Using Raman Spectroscopy, S. Shkolyar, J. D. Farmer, J. Blacksberg [Abstract 1037], Poster Location: 8

Chemical Evolution of Organic Molecules Under Mars-Like UV Radiation Conditions Simulated in the Laboratory with the MOMIE Setup, O. Poch, P. Coll, C. Szopa, F. Stalport, T. Georgelin, M. Jaber, J.-F. Lambert [Abstract 1228], Poster Location: 11

Habitable Environments Include Acidic Zones: Looking Beyond an Alkaline Environment for Signatures of Life on Mars, M. D. Lane [Abstract 1465], Poster Location: 12

Methanogens as Models for Life on Mars, R. L. Mickol, W. H. Waddell, T. A. Kral [Abstract 1005], Poster Location: 14

Poster Session: Amazonian Climate and Ice Caps
Wed, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Inverted Wadis in Western Desert and its Comparison with Inverted Wadis on Mars, A. S. Zaki [Abstract 1084], Poster Location: 18

A Synthesis of Radar Sounding, Geomorphic Characterization, and Ice Flow Modeling to Understand Regional Differences Between Lobate Debris Aprons in Western and Eastern Deuteronilus Mensae, E. I. Petersen, J. W. Holt, J. S. Levy, R. A. Parsons [Abstract 1451], Poster Location: 29

Thick, Excess Water Ice in Arcadia Planitia, A. M. Bramson, S. Byrne, N. E. Putzig, S. Mattson, J. J. Plaut, J. W. Holt [Abstract 1042], Poster Location: 30

Mars' Dynamic Albedo: Evidence for Widespread Seasonal Water Frost in the Northern Hemisphere from TES, HiRISE and THEMIS, J. Bapst, J. L. Bandfield, S. E. Wood [Abstract 1469], Poster Location: 36

Reinterpreting the Impact Craters of the North Polar Layered Deposits, Mars, M. E. Landis, S. Byrne, I. J. Daubar, K. E. Herkenhoff, C. M. Dundas [Abstract 1019], Poster Location: 43

Poster Session: Modern, Dynamic Mars: I
Wed, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Active Processes in Valles Marineris, M. Chojnacki, A. McEwen, C. Dundas, C. Hamilton, S. Mattson [Abstract 1417], Poster Location: 47

Interpretation of the Geophysical Interrogation of the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, Arctic Alaska: A Terrestrial Analog Study, C. L. Dinwiddie [Abstract 1256], Poster Location: 51

Signs of Water? A Review of Recent Martian Slope Features, S. Diniega, A. S. McEwen, C. M. Dundas, L. Ojha [Abstract 1423], Poster Location: 58

Discrete Element Modeling of Landslide Dynamics: The Influence of Friction and Aspect Ratio, T. Borykov, A. Mangeney, D. Mege, P. Richard, J. Gurgurewicz [Abstract 1217], Poster Location: 59

TAR-Streaks in Meridiani Planum, Mars, S. Silvestro, D. A. Vaz, G. Di Achille, F. Esposito, C. Popa [Abstract 1193], Poster Location: 61

Characterizing the Present and Past Aeolian Transport Environments in Meridiani Planum, L. K. Fenton, T. I. Michaels, M. Chojnacki [Abstract 1383], Poster Location: 64

Linear Dunes on Earth and Mars — Comparative Research, H. Tsoar [Abstract 1101], Poster Location: 68

The Devils you Know: Quantifying the Size-Frequency Distribution and Forward Velocities of Terrestrial Dust Devils, with Implications for Mars, A. V. Pathare, M. R. Balme [Abstract 1197], Poster Location: 72

Dust Particle Sizes from Mars Climate Sounder Observations, J. L. Benson, M. D. Smith, M. J. Wolff [Abstract 1368], Poster Location: 75

The Diurnal Surface Pressure Cycle in Gale Crater: A Mesoscale Model Study of Idealized Crater Circulations, D. Tyler Jr., J. R. Barnes [Abstract 1335], Poster Location: 98

Poster Session: Modern, Dynamic Mars: II
Thu, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Investigation of Polar Seasonal Fan Deposits Using Crowdsourcing, K.-M. Aye, M. E. Schwamb, C. J. Hansen, G. Portyankina [Abstract 1480], Poster Location: 4

How Fast can Water Ice Grains Grow on the Summertime Martian North Pole?, S. Ossipian, A. J. Brown [Abstract 1071], Poster Location: 9

Evolution of the Vertical Extent of Water Vapor in the Martian Summer Polar Atmosphere, A. A. Pankine, L. K. Tamppari [Abstract 1163], Poster Location: 14

Mars Climate Sounder Observations of Wave Structure in the North Polar Middle Atmosphere of Mars During the Summer Season, P. M. Wolkenberg, R. J. Wilson [Abstract 1219], Poster Location: 18

Tracing the History of Water ('H' and 'O' Atoms) on Mars Using HST, D. Bhattacharyya, C. Carveth, J. T. Clarke, J. L. Bertaux, J. Y. Chaufray [Abstract 1287], Poster Location: 24

CRISM Limb Observations of Mars Mesospheric Ice Clouds: Two New Results, R. T. Clancy, M. D. Smith, M. J. Wolff, S. L. Murchie, H. Nair, K. D. Seelos [Abstract 1006], Poster Location: 27

Using PCA to Model the Martian Surface Spectral Reflectance for Use in Radiative Transfer Cloud Optical Depth Retrieval, D. R. Klassen [Abstract 1384], Poster Location: 31

Mars Methane Plume Tracer, M. A. Mischna, D. Banfield, I. Sykes [Abstract 1302], Poster Location: 37

The Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) and Mars, A. Q. Vodniza, M. R. Pereira [Abstract 1060], Poster Location: 38

Poster Session: Future Mission and Instrument Concepts
Thu, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

Advanced Orbital Imaging for Future Mars Science and Exploration, J. W. Bergstrom, R. Dissly, A. S. McEwen [Abstract 1475], Poster Location: 59

European Geospatial Image Understanding Tools for Mars Exploration, J.-P. Muller, Y. Tao, P. Sidiropoulos, V. Yershov, J. G. Morley, J. Sprinks, G. Paar, B. Huber, A. Bauer, K. Willner, C. Traxler [Abstract 1138], Poster Location: 61

Rovers and Lasers: The Autonomous, Non-Destructive Search for Life in Lava Tubes, A. Ruiz, S. Messenger, J. Yang, S. Kim, S. Paudel, G. Lyzenga, C. Clark, M. Storrie-Lombardi [Abstract 1478], Poster Location: 75

The Potassium-Argon Laser Experiment (KArLE): In Situ Geochronology for Mars and Beyond, B. A. Cohen [Abstract 1482], Poster Location: 78

Updates of the KArLE Experiment: New Libs Calibration Under High Vacuum for the Quantification of Potassium in Basalt for In Situ Geochronology, D. Devismes, B. A. Cohen, Z.-H. Li, J. S. Miller [Abstract 1376], Poster Location: 79

Investigation of the Martian Environment by ELF Radio Measurements, J. Kozakiewicz, A. Kulak, J. Mlynarczyk, K. Zietara, J. Kubisz [Abstract 1122], Poster Location: 85

International Mars Architecture for the Return of Samples (iMARS) Phase II - Science/Earth Operations Subteam Initial Report, C. L. Smith, T. W. Haltigin, iMARS Phase II Science Team [Abstract 1249], Poster Location: 87

Poster Session: Preparation for Human Exploration
Thu, p.m., Dabney Hall and Garden

A Nuanced Thermal Analysis of a Proposed Living Space on Mars, P. R. Sanghavi, A. R. Jadeja, M. M. Jaiswal, Dr. S. Ghosh [Abstract 1057], Poster Location: 92

Mars and Extravehicular Activity: A Challenging Synergy, S. A. Sipila, N. A. Mary [Abstract 1420], Poster Location: 97

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