Downloadable Program and Abstract Collection

Because there is no registration fee for this conference, funds are not available to produce a USB flash drive containing the program and abstract collection.

A printed program will be distributed at the meeting, and of course the program and abstracts are available online, but for those who prefer to have the entire collection in one easily accessible place, we have produced a zip file that can be downloaded and extracted onto your personal storage device (flash drive, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.).

Please be aware that the links in these files are relative links, which means that the directory structure of these files must remain intact in order for the links to work.

Once you have downloaded the zip file, you should be able to extract the contents and see the following directory structure:


As long as this file structure is maintained, the files can be copied to an external storage device of your choice, and the links within the document will work.

For additional information about navigating within the files, refer to the read_me.txt document.

Download 8th Mars zip file


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