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CNET, The fight over Pluto is much bigger than one (dwarf) planet (March 24)

Eos, Earth & Space Science News, Lunar Lava Tubes Could Offer Future Moon Explorers a Safe Haven (March 24)

Chronicle Council, NASA has Chosen Cubesat from the Smallsat Studies Program (March 24)

El Periódico (Spain), El rover Curiosity capta nubes en forma de onda de gravedad en Marte (March 24)

Animal Politico (Mexico), Chicxulub, el cráter bajo el Golfo de México que esconde las claves sobre el origen de la vida
(March 24)

First Newshawk, According to the Latest Study, Mars Volcano and Dinosaurs Died at the Same Time (March 24)

BBC News, Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life? (March 24)

Daily Mail, NASA prepares to send two probes to Jupiter's moon Europa in what may be 'our best chance to find alien life' (March 24), Curiosity captures gravity wave shaped clouds on Mars (March 24)

Gizmodo, Trust Me, Living on the Moon Will Be Hell (March 24)

BBC Radio 4: Inside Science, Comet 67P images; Etna eruption; Brain navigation; Octopus intelligence (March 24)

NASA/JPL, NASA Selects CubeSat, SmallSat Mission Concept Studies (March 23)

New York Times, How Comet 67P’s Face Changed During Its Trip Around the Sun (March 23)

Astronomy Now, Rosetta’s comet shows scars from swing through inner solar system (March 23) (Russia), Марсоход Curiosity заснял марсианские «гравитационные» облака (March 23), (Dwarf) planet Pluto? Scientists examine the definition (March 23)

Space Reporter, Cubesats could assist solar system exploration (March 23)

Space Reporter, Falling haze particles are likely source of Pluto’s red regions (March 23)

Tribun news (Indonesia), 10 Tahun Sejak Pluto Dihilangkan dari Daftar Planet, Inilah Usulan Terbaru Saat Ini (March 23)

Space News, NASA hails planetary science funding while scientists worry about other cuts (March 23)

Post Observer, NASA ‘Smallsats’ Open Up New Planetary Frontier (March 23), NASA selects CubeSat, SmallSat mission concept studies (March 23)

International Business Times, India Edition, NASA reveals new data about giant Martian volcano Arsia Mons, and it's staggering! (March 23)

eNews Park Forest (Park Forest, Illinois), Mars Volcano Arsia Mons, Earth’s Dinosaurs Went Extinct About the Same Time (March 23)

Science News, It’s time to redefine what qualifies as a planet, scientists propose (March 23)

Scientific American, Comet Landslide Caught in Action (March 23)

BBC News, Dinosaur crater's clue to origin of life (March 23) News (Russia), В планеты могут записать до 110 небесных тел (March 23)

Radio Canada International, Some scientists seek to revive Pluto’s status as a planet (March 22)

Science Magazine, Mars rover spots clouds shaped by gravity waves (March 22)

Science Alert, Rosetta Photographed Some Weird Changes on Comet 67P Before It Crash-Landed (March 22)

Spaceflight Now, Rosetta’s comet shows scars from swing through inner solar system (March 22)

Cosmos Magazine, NASA, ESA aim to ram asteroid (March 22)

Scientific American, A NASA Spacecraft Might Bounce, Crunch or Sink on Europa (March 22)

BBC News, NASA 'smallsats' open up new planetary frontier (March 22)

Fortune, SpaceX and NASA Are Looking for Places to Land on Mars (March 22)

Irish Post, Crater on Mercury named after Irish poet Seamus Heaney on World Poetry Day thanks to Belfast student
(March 22)

Irish Central, There is now a crater on Mercury named after Seamus Heaney (March 22) (Indonesia), Proposal Baru Akan Pulihkan Status Pluto dan Angkat Bulan jadi Planet (March 22)

Gizmodo, The Word 'Planet' Is So Important And Such Garbage (March 22)

Svět Hardware (Czech Republic), Vrátí se Pluto mezi planety? (March 22)

Eos, Earth & Space Science News, Earth Science Budget Woes Cast a Shadow on Planetary Scientists (March 22), Collapsing Cliff Caused Comet 67P's Brilliant Outburst (March 21)

USA Today, New definition of planet would make Pluto, 100 celestial bodies into planets (March 21)

Washington Post, A new definition would add 102 planets to our solar system — including Pluto (March 21)

BBC News, Rosetta saw cliffs collapse on comet (March 21), Planet Count May Reach 110 (March 21)

Houston Chronicle, NASA has upbeat message: Takeaways from Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (March 21)

CBS News, This Mars volcano died at the same time as the dinosaurs (March 21)

Astronomy Magazine, Is it time to restore Pluto’s planetary status? (March 21)

Science Daily, Mars volcano, Earth's dinosaurs went extinct about the same time (March 21)

Cosmos Magazine, Rosetta makes startling ice discovery on comet (March 21), Why a NASA spacecraft could bounce, crunch or sink on icy Europa (March 21)

MeteoWeb, Vulcanismo marziano: lava e crateri, il vulcano Arsia Mons sotto osservazione (March 21)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory News, Mars Volcano, Earth’s Dinosaurs Went Extinct About the Same Time (March 20), Neil deGrasse Tyson Rejects Pluto Planethood Proposal on 'Colbert' (March 20)

The Daily Caller, Astronomers May Soon Restore Pluto To Planet Status (March 20)

Astroblogs (The Netherlands), Is Pluto straks toch weer een planeet? (March 20)

Lab Manager, Scientists Make the Case to Restore Pluto's Planet Status (March 20), What's Happening in Space Policy March 19-24, 2017 (March 19)

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), Charleston rocket scientist's photos help scientists make discoveries. His subject? Outer space (March 18)

The Daily Galaxy, NASA Astronomers: "Pluto is a Planet, So is Jupiter's 'Ocean' Moon Europa" (March 18)

BGR Media, Scientist says there are over 100 planets in our solar system (March 18)

Portland Press Herald, (Portland, ME) ‘Pluto-huggers’ root for planet status (March 18)

The Hub, Johns Hopkins University, Scientists make the case to restore Pluto's planet status (March 16)

Carnegie Institution Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, DTM Staff Scientists and Postdocs to Attend the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas (March 15)

AGU Blog: The Martian Chronicles, Sol 1638: Busy Day for MAHLI (March 15)

Earth & Solar System, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2017 (March 14)

PR Newswire, NASA Scientists to Discuss Findings on Mars, Pluto at Houston-area Conference (March 13) SciLogs (Germany), Viel Mars und Mond: noch mehr Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston (II) (March 13)

Women in Planetary Science, LPSC Women in Planetary Science Annual Susan Niebur Networking Event 2017 (March 12)

Universe Today, Exploring Titan with Aerial Platforms (March 11)

News Ledge, NASA’s Mission to Europa Will Live Up to its Moniker (March 10)

Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), Una boa extraterrestre per esplorare i mari di metano su Titano (March 9)

Universe Today, Exploring Titan with Balloons and Landers (March 7), Space Calendar 2017: Launches, Sky Events & More (March 6), NASA's plans to explore Europa and other "ocean worlds" (March 6)

ExtremeTech, SpaceX, NASA, and the Northern Lights: this week in space (March 3)

Planetary Society, Mars Explorations Rovers Update: Opportunity Reaches Top of Endeavor Rim, Wraps Cape Tribulation (March 3)

Wired, Pluto’s Defenders Prepare to Fight for Its Planethood (Again) (March 2)

KNAU Arizona Public Radio, Scientists Renew Debate over Pluto's Planet Status (March 1)

Chatelaine, Meet the Canadian who discovered a massive ice sheet on Mars (March 1)

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