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Poster Session I: Special Session: IODP-ICDP Expedition 364 to the Chicxulub Impact Crater
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Deformation, Shock Barometry, and Porosity Within Shocked Target Rocks of the Chicxulub Peak Ring: Results from IODP-ICDP Expedition 364., A. S. P. Rae, J. V. Morgan, G. S. Collins, R. A. F. Grieve, G. R. Osinski, T. Salge, B. Hall, L. Ferrière, M. Poelchau, S. P. S. Gulick, Expedition 364 Scientists [Abstract 1934], Poster Location: 1

High-Resolution Imaging of the Chicxulub Impact Basin, J. V. Morgan, G. L. Christeson, S. P. S. Gulick, Expedition 364 Scientists [Abstract 1318], Poster Location: 8

Poster Session I: Giving Shape to Impact Craters and Their Numbers
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Role of Asteroid Strength and Porosity in Impact Momentum Transfer, S. D. Raducan, G. S. Collins, T. M. Davison [Abstract 2077], Poster Location: 14

Revised Recommended Methods for Analyzing Crater Statistics, J. D. Riggs, S. J. Robbins, B. P. Weaver, E. B. Bierhaus, C. R. Chapman, M. R. Kirchoff, K. N. Singer [Abstract 1297], Poster Location: 18

Poster Session I: Exobiology: Searching for (Signs of) Life High and Low, Near and Far
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Fluid-Deposited Fracture-Margin Ridges in Margaritifer Terra, Mars, R. J. Thomas, S. Potter-McIntyre, B. M. Hynek [Abstract 1185], Poster Location: 93

Poster Session I: Titan: A Moon that Resembles a Planet
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Producing the Best Global Mosaic of Titan's Surface Albedo Using Cassini Images, E. Karkoschka, A. McEwen, J. Perry [Abstract 2518], Poster Location: 112

Poster Session I: Ice Breakers: Satellites of the Outer Solar System
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Grain Size Evolution in Icy Satellites: New Experimental Constraints, T. E. Caswell, R. F. Cooper [Abstract 2000], Poster Location: 127

On the Formation of Caldera-Like Features on Ganymede: Implications from Galileo-G28 Images, B. Giese, E. Hauber, H. Hussmann [Abstract 2474], Poster Location: 134

Penitent Ice on Europa? Laboratory Testing of Cryogenic Ices Related to Icy Moon Surfaces, D. F. Berisford, B. Furst, J. Foster, A. Hofmann, K. P. Hand [Abstract 2581], Poster Location: 151

Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Saturn's Moon Rhea, R. M. Elowitz [Abstract 1215], Poster Location: 155

Investigating Europa's Plasma Environment from Radar Sounding, C. Grima, D. D. Blankenship, C. Paty, Y. Gim, W. S. Kurth, E. Chapin, D. M. Schroeder, J. J. Plaut, G. W. Patterson, A. Moussessian, D. A. Young [Abstract 2816], Poster Location: 163

Poster Session I: New Horizons Views of Pluto and Charon: So Long and Thanks for All the Bits
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Composition of Pluto's Small Satellites: Analysis of New Horizons Spectral Images, J. C. Cook, R. P. Binzel, D. P. Cruikshank, C. M. Dalle Ore, A. Earle, K. Ennico, W. M. Grundy, C. Howett, D. J. Jennings, A. W. Lunsford, C. B. Olkin, A. H. Parker, S. Philippe, S. Protopapa, D. Reuter, B. Schmitt, J. A. Stansberry, S. A. Stern, A. Verbiscer, H. A. Weaver, L. A. Young, New Horizons Composition Theme Team, Ralph Instrument Team [Abstract 2478], Poster Location: 169

Geologic Map of New Horizons' Encounter Hemisphere of Charon, III, S. J. Robbins, J. R. Spencer, R. A. Beyer, P. Schenk, J. M. Moore, W. B. McKinnon, R. P. Binzel, M. W. Buie, B. J. Buratti, A. F. Cheng, W. M. Grundy, I. R. Linscott, H. J. Reitsema, D. C. Reuter, M. R. Showalter, G. L. Tyler, L. A. Young, C. B. Olkin, K. Ennico, H. A. Weaver, S. A. Stern, New Horizons GGI Theme Team, New Horizons Pluto Encounter Team, New Horizons LORRI Instrument Team, New Horizons MVIC Instrument Team [Abstract 1231], Poster Location: 170

Poster Session I: Ceres: Mission Results from Dawn
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Evolution of Occator Crater on (1) Ceres, A. Nathues, T. Platz, G. Thangjam, M. Hoffmann, K. Mengel, E. A. Cloutis, L. Le Corre, V. Reddy, J. Kallisch, D. A. Crown [Abstract 1385], Poster Location: 173

Poster Session I: Asteroid and Comet Missions: Targets, Instruments, and Science
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Day After: Post-Collision Distribution of Remnants, Fragments, and Debris Clouds in the Outer Solar System, G. Sarid, J. Larson [Abstract 2785], Poster Location: 220

Poster Session I: Outer Planets Mission Concepts: Out in the Cold
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Dragonfly: Exploring Titan's Prebiotic Organic Chemistry and Habitability, E. P. Turtle, J. W. Barnes, M. G. Trainer, R. D. Lorenz, S. M. MacKenzie, K. E. Hibbard, D. Adams, P. Bedini, J. W. Langelaan, K. Zacny, Dragonfly Team [Abstract 1958], Poster Location: 234

OCEANUS: A Uranus Orbiter Concept Study from the 2016 NASA/JPL Planetary Science Summer School, A. M. Bramson, C. M. Elder, L. W. Blum, H. T. Chilton, A. Chopra, C. Chu, A. Das, A. Delgado, J. Fulton, L. Jozwiak, A. Khayat, M. E. Landis, J. L. Molaro, M. Slipski, S. Valencia, J. Watkins, C. L. Young, C. J. Budney, K. L. Mitchell [Abstract 1583], Poster Location: 235

Poster Session I: Volcanic Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Lunar Basaltic Meteorite Northwest Africa 4734, J. Chen, Z. C. Ling, Y. H. Ni, Y. H. Huang, Z. C. Wu, B. Li [Abstract 2277], Poster Location: 262

Possible Volcanic Avalanche Deposit North of Gale Crater, J. J. C. Churchill, M. E. Schmidt, J. A. Berger, F. Fueten, L. L. Tornabene, L. E. Vargas, J. Walmsley [Abstract 2411], Poster Location: 276

Poster Session I: Volcanic Processes on Silicate Bodies: Effusive Volcanism
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Lava-Ground-Ice Interactions Associated with the Lost Jim Lava Flow, Seward Peninsula, AK, E. C. Marcucci, C. W. Hamilton, R. R. Herrick [Abstract 1518], Poster Location: 294

Poster Session I: Lunar Geophysics
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A New Moonquake Catalog from Apollo 17 Geophone Data, J.-L. Dimech, B. Knapmeyer-Endrun, R. C. Weber [Abstract 2675], Poster Location: 304

Infrared Lunar Laser Ranging at Calern: Impact on Lunar Dynamics, V. Viswanathan, A. Fienga, H. Manche, M. Gastineau, C. Courde, J. M. Torre, P. Exertier, J. Laskar [Abstract 2329], Poster Location: 309

What GRAIL Teaches Us About Error and Bias in Preliminary Gravity Fields, P. B. James, J. C. Andrews-Hanna, M. T. Zuber [Abstract 2199], Poster Location: 310

Poster Session I: Magnetization and Weathering of the Lunar Surface
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Fully Kinetic Simulations of the Solar Wind Interaction with Lunar Magnetic Anomalies: Reiner Gamma and Swirl Formation, J. Deca, A. Divin, C. Lue, X. Wang, M. Horányi [Abstract 2012], Poster Location: 317

Poster Session I: Lunar Surface Properties and Potential Landing Sites: A Challenge of Today and Our Destiny of Tomorrow
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Habitability and Radiation Environment Within Lunar Pits, R. V. Wagner, A. Deran, M. S. Robinson [Abstract 1201], Poster Location: 338

Poster Session I: Lunar Mission Concepts
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Lunar Capabilities Roadmap, G. Y. Kramer, D. L. Lawrence, P. Beeson, R. P. Bonasso, R. R. Burridge, P. E. Clark, R. O. Green, S. Hart, M. Horanyi, R. M. Kelso, D. M. Kortenkamp, J. R. Kramer, S. G. Love, C. R. Neal, G. B. Sanders, D. Schreckenghost, D. R. Thompson [Abstract 2538], Poster Location: 345

The Lunar Lander Neutron and Dosimetry (LND) Experiment on Chang’e4, R. F. Wimmer-Schweingruber, S. Zhang, C. E. Hellweg, J. Yu, J. Guo, H. Lohf, T. Berger, S. I. Böttcher, S. Burmeister, M. Jüngling, A. Knappmann, V. Knierim, B. Schuster, L. Seimetz, G. Shen, J. Steinhagen, B. Yuan [Abstract 1320], Poster Location: 356

A Mission Concept Based on the ISECG Human Lunar Surface Architecture, J. E. Gruener, S. J. Lawrence [Abstract 2882], Poster Location: 357

Poster Session I: K–12 Education
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Observatories at the Extreme: My Chilean Telescopes and Southern Sky Experience, S. H. Proctor [Abstract 1043], Poster Location: 372

The Public Education and Outreach Program at the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, P. P. Patel, G. R. Osinski [Abstract 2584], Poster Location: 374

A Geophysical Planet Definition, K. D. Runyon, S. A. Stern, T. R. Lauer, W. Grundy, M. E. Summers, K. N. Singer [Abstract 1448], Poster Location: 375

Poster Session I: Higher Education
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Increasing Underrepresented Students in Planetary Science Through the Educational Internship in Physical Sciences (EIPS), J. G. Olgin, F. Enriquez, S. Terrazas [Abstract 1160], Poster Location: 376

Poster Session I: Public Engagement
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Public Outreach of Hayabusa2 Mission : Observation Campaigns of Hayabusa2 Earth Swing-By and Asteroid Ryugu, M. Yoshikawa, T. Yamaguchi, T. Yasuda, K. Mishima, T. Inoue, A. Imoto, S. Okumura [Abstract 1416], Poster Location: 391

Poster Session I: Protoplanetary Disk Composition and Evolution
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Measuring V-XANES in Aluminum-Rich Chondrules to Probe Oxygen Fugacity Conditions in the Early Solar Disk, C. E. Jilly-Rehak, A. L. Butterworth, Z. Gainsforth, A. J. Westphal [Abstract 2480], Poster Location: 402

New Observations of Carbon Monoxide in Complex Solar-Type and Massive Young Stellar Systems: Investigations of Protoplanetary Carbon Reservoirs, R. L. Smith, G. A. Blake, A. C. A. Boogert, K. M. Pontoppidan [Abstract 2998], Poster Location: 407

Modeling 2D Transport of CO in Protoplanetary Disks: What Ends Up Where?, S. Krijt, K. Schwarz, F. J. Ciesla, E. A. Bergin [Abstract 2291], Poster Location: 408

Gas Trapping by Amorphous Ice in the Solar Nebula, F. J. Ciesla, S. Krijt [Abstract 2213], Poster Location: 409

Opacities and Turbulence in Cold Planet Forming Accretion Disks, O. M. Umurhan, P. R. Estrada, J. N. Cuzzi [Abstract 2616], Poster Location: 414

Angular Momenta of Collided Rarefied Preplanetesimals Needed for Formation of Trans-Neptunian Satellite Systems, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 1554], Poster Location: 416

Poster Session I: CAIs, Isotopes, and Early Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Iron Isotope Systematics of Refractory Inclusions and the Search for the Source of Nucleosynthetic Anomalies, Q. R. Shollenberger, G. A. Brennecka, S. Schuth, S. Weyer [Abstract 1867], Poster Location: 419

Textural Evidence for a FoB-Like Precursor and a Multiple Evolution History of an Allende Forsterite-Bearing Type C CAI, S. Che, A. J. Brearley [Abstract 2414], Poster Location: 434

Poster Session I: Chondrules, Metals, Sulfides, and Chromites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Fate of Primary Iron Sulfides in the Highly-Altered CM1(/2) Carbonaceous Chondrites, S. A. Singerling, C. M. Corrigan, A. J. Brearley [Abstract 2027], Poster Location: 443

A Trace of Presolar Ne in Chromite from Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrites?, M. M. M. Meier, M. E. I. Riebe, C. Alwmark, C. Maden, H. Busemann, R. Wieler [Abstract 2274], Poster Location: 447

Poster Session I: Genesis
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Genesis DoS Wafers: What Every SIMS Analyst Needs to Know Before Measuring Solar Wind, A. J. G. Jurewicz, D. S. Burnett, K. D. Rieck, R. Hervig, Y. Guan, P. Williams [Abstract 2120], Poster Location: 450

Poster Session I: Atmospheres and Plasma
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Characterizations of Martian Water-Ice Cloud Crystal Geometries from Phase Functions Derived Using MARCI Image Data, B. A. Cooper, R. Modestino, C. L. Smith, J. E. Moores [Abstract 1360], Poster Location: 454

The Effect of UV Surface Flux Shielding by Spacecraft Geometries, C. L. Smith, J. E. Moores, A. C. Schuerger [Abstract 1623], Poster Location: 458

Gamma-Ray Emission in Planetary Atmospheres Due to Relativistic Runaway Electron Avalanches, E. S. Cramer, J. R. Dwyer, M. Bagheri [Abstract 2847], Poster Location: 459

Detection of a Hydrogen Corona at Callisto in HST/STIS Lyman-Alpha Images, J. Alday, L. Roth, N. Ivchenko, T. Becker, K. D. Retherford [Abstract 1861], Poster Location: 463

Poster Session I: Martian Meteorites: Geochemistry and Such
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Olivine Alteration of Shergottite Northwest Africa 10416, J. D. Piercy, J. C. Bridges, L. J. Hicks, J. L. MacArthur, J. Michalowska [Abstract 1915], Poster Location: 475

Identification of a Ca-Phosphate Grain in North West Africa 8657 Martian Meteorite by VIS-IR Micro-Imaging Spectroscopy, P. Manzari, S. De Angelis, M. C. De Sanctis [Abstract 1484], Poster Location: 483

Poster Session I: Martian Craters and Impact Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Martian Double Craters Recognition by Dating Method, A. Lagain, A. Guimpier, S. Bouley [Abstract 1108], Poster Location: 506

Poster Session I: Characterizing Mars Through Orbital Spectroscopy
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Regularization in Maximum Log-Likelihood Method for CRISM Hyperspectral Image Cube, L. He, R. E. Arvidson, J. A. O'Sullivan, D. V. Politte [Abstract 2147], Poster Location: 538

Solar Albedo High Resolution Global Map of the Martian Surface from OMEGA/MEX, J. Audouard, M. Vincendon, F. Poulet, B. Gondet [Abstract 1980], Poster Location: 543

First 5µm Emissivity Global Map of the Martian Surface, J. Audouard, F. Poulet, M. Vincendon, B. Gondet, D. A. Rogers [Abstract 1972], Poster Location: 544

Poster Session I: Investigations of Amorphous Materials as Mars Analogs
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Probing Crystalline and Amorphous Phases at Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars: Comparison of ChemCam LIBS Data with CheMin XRD Results, E. Dehouck, P.-Y. Meslin, O. Gasnault, A. Cousin, O. Forni, W. Rapin, S. Maurice, R. C. Wiens, M. Salvatore [Abstract 2268], Poster Location: 575

The Effect of Shock on the Amorphous Component in Altered Basalt, S. A. Eckley, S. P. Wright, E. B. Rampe, P. B. Niles [Abstract 2534], Poster Location: 577

Poster Session I: Material Analogs (Both Physical and Chemical)
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Analogue Samples in a European Sample Curation Facility — The EURO-CARES Project, J. Zipfel, F. Westall, F. Foucher [Abstract 2674], Poster Location: 584

Poster Session I: Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure II: Geologic Maps and Planetary Mapping
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Geological Mapping of the Hokusai (H05) Quadrangle of Mercury, D. A. Rothery, J. Wright, M. R. Balme, S. J. Conway [Abstract 1406], Poster Location: 638

Preliminary Results of 1:3 Million Geological Mapping of the Mercury Quadrangle H-10 (Derain), C. C. Malliband, D. A. Rothery, M. R. Balme, S. J. Conway [Abstract 1476], Poster Location: 642

Poster Session I: Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure III: Analysis Tools and Data Delivery Systems
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Multi — Temporal Database of Planetary Image Data (MUTED): A Tool to Support the Identification of Surface Changes on Mars, T. Heyer, G. Erkeling, H. Hiesinger, D. Reiss, D. Luesebrink, H. Bernhardt, R. Jaumann [Abstract 1019], Poster Location: 655 Crowd-Sourcing an Extremely Large High Quality Martian Image Dataset, I. Wallace, S. P. Schwenzer, M. Woods, N. Read, S. Wright, K. Waumsley, L. Joudrier [Abstract 1170], Poster Location: 658

Data Management Planning for NASA Supported Planetary Analogue Science, L. C. Welzenbach, M. Glimoclija, A. Steele, M. D. Fries [Abstract 1152], Poster Location: 660

Updates to the PDS Orbital Data Explorer, J. Wang, D. Scholes, F. Zhou, S. Slavney, E. A. Guinness, R. E. Arvidson [Abstract 1257], Poster Location: 662

Poster Session I: Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure IV: New Techniques, Datasets, and Instrument Calibration Advances
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Multi-View Shape-from-Shading for Planetary Images with Challenging Illumination, O. Alexandrov, R. A. Beyer [Abstract 3024], Poster Location: 682

Recalibrating the Moon's Thermometer: LRO Diviner Nonlinear Detector Response and Opposition Effect Corrections, S. Gyalay, M. Aye, D. A. Paige [Abstract 2655], Poster Location: 683

Observed Data Products and Asteroid Mappings of Thermal Infrared Imager Onboard Hayabusa2, T. Arai, H. Demura, T. Kouyama, H. Senshu, Y. Ogawa, T. Fukuhara, T. Okada, S. Tanaka, T. Matsunaga [Abstract 1708], Poster Location: 692

Automatic Machine Learning Classification Applied to Dawn/VIR Data in View of MERTIS/BepiColombo, M. D'Amore, R. Le Scaon, E. Palomba, A. Longobardo, H. Hiesinger [Abstract 1893], Poster Location: 693

Poster Session II: Lunar Petrology and Geochemistry: Experiments and Sample Studies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Positive Europium Anomalies in Pyroxenes in Ferroan Anorthosite 60025: Implications for FAN Ages, M. A. Torcivia, C. R. Neal [Abstract 1471], Poster Location: 7

Who Launched Lunar Meteorite Oued Awlitis 001?, A. Wittmann, R. L. Korotev, B. L. Jolliff, M. Zanetti, K. Nishiizumi, A. J. T. Jull, M. W. Caffee, A. J. Irving [Abstract 2482], Poster Location: 17

Northwest Africa 10986: An Impact-Melt Breccia from the Lunar Highlands, S. E. Roberts, M. M. Jean, M. B. Sueilem, L. A. Taylor [Abstract 2220], Poster Location: 18

Poster Session II: Psyche Mission and Friends: Metal Explorers
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Pallasites: Olivine-Metal Textures, Metal Compositions, Minor Phases, Origins, and Insights into Processes at the Core-Mantle Boundaries of Asteroids, E. R. D. Scott [Abstract 1037], Poster Location: 51

Ice Stability on Psyche and Implications for the Planetary Core Hypothesis, M. M. Sori, M. E. Landis, J. Bapst, A. M. Bramson, S. Byrne, V. Reddy, M. K. Shepard [Abstract 2550], Poster Location: 54

Poster Session II: Differentiated Meteorites I: HEDs, Mesosiderites, and Brachinites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Basaltic Lithic Clasts in Type 1A and 2A Mesosiderites: Trend Towards a Eucritic Composition, B. Baecker, B. A. Cohen, A. E. Rubin, B. Frasl, C. M. Corrigan [Abstract 2836], Poster Location: 70

Petrology and Sm-Nd Chronologies of a Basaltic Eucrite, NWA 7188, S. Kagami, T. Yokoyama, T. Usui, M. K. Haba [Abstract 1975], Poster Location: 72

Poster Session II: Differentiated Meteorites II: Ureilites, Angrites, and Others
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Almahata Sitta Space Rosetta Stone: Magnetic Susceptibility Database Update, V. H. Hoffmann, K. Wimmer, R. Hochleitner, S. Decker [Abstract 2365], Poster Location: 93

Poster Session II: Small Body Planetary Mission Concepts
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (Dart) Element of the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA) Mission, A. F. Cheng, P. Michel, O. Barnouin, J. Atchison, P. Miller, S. Chesley, D. C. Richardson, A. S. Rivkin, A. M. Stickle [Abstract 1510], Poster Location: 111

Orbital Perturbation Within Binary Asteroid Didymos Due to Impact-Induced Deformation of the Primary After the DART Impact Experiment, M. Hirabayashi, D. J. Scheeres, D. C. Richardson, E. G. Fahnestock, P. Michel, S. P. Naidu, L. A. M. Benner, A. F. Cheng, A. S. Rivkin [Abstract 1305], Poster Location: 113

Binary Asteroid Orbit Sensitivity to Gravity Field Coefficients: Applications to the AIDA Mission Target 65803 Didymos, A. B. Davis, D. J. Scheeres [Abstract 1299], Poster Location: 114

Poster Session II: Asteroids: Structure, Physical Properties, and Spectra
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

How Abundant are Different Meteorite Groups Among S-Complex and Q-Type Near-Earth Asteroids?, T. H. Burbine, R. P. Binzel, B. J. Burt [Abstract 1968], Poster Location: 126

Spectral Variations of D-Type Asteroids at Different Heliocentric Distances, G. M. Gartrelle [Abstract 1088], Poster Location: 127

Sublimation Activity of (145) Adeona, (704) Interamnia, (779) Nina, and (1474) Beira and Some Confirmations, V. V. Busarev, S. I. Barabanov, M. P. Scherbina, V. B. Puzin [Abstract 1919], Poster Location: 129 - Tracking All Known Meteorites with Photographic Orbits, M. M. M. Meier [Abstract 1178], Poster Location: 132

A Modified Asteroid Resurfacing Model Induced by Regolith Convection, T. M. Yamada, K. Ando, T. Morota, H. Katsuragi [Abstract 1796], Poster Location: 138

Poster Session II: Geodynamics and Tectonics Across Scales: Outside, Inside Out Livin' la Geodynamica Loca
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Detailed Study of Spur and Gully Topography Within Eastern Valles Marineris, Mars, L. Vargas, F. Fueten, R. Stesky, E. Hauber [Abstract 1085], Poster Location: 160

Poster Session II: Venus Exploration and Science
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

VenSAR, the Revolutionary Radar for the EnVision Mission to Venus, R. C. Ghail, C. F. Wilson, T. Widemann [Abstract 2805], Poster Location: 181

Morphometry of Mid-Sized Venusian Shield Volcanoes, J. J. Knicely, R. R. Herrick [Abstract 2782], Poster Location: 199

Poster Session II: Mercury: From Crust to Core
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Sulfur Speciation in Heavily Reduced Mercurian Melts by K-Edge XANES Spectroscopy, B. A. Anzures, S. W. Parman, R. E. Milliken [Abstract 2039], Poster Location: 204

Late-Stage Effusive Volcanism on Mercury: Evidence from Mansurian Impact Basins, J. Wright, D. A. Rothery, M. R. Balme, S. J. Conway [Abstract 2239], Poster Location: 205

Roughness of Impact Crater Ejecta Deposits on Mercury as a Proxy for Crater Degradation, M. J. Kinczyk, H. C. M. Susorney, L. M. Prockter, P. K. Byrne, C. M. Ernst, O. S. Barnouin, D. R. Bohnenstiehl [Abstract 2717], Poster Location: 212

J and H Filter Photometry of Mercury and the Other Bright Planets, R. W. Schmude Jr. [Abstract 1578], Poster Location: 217

Poster Session II: Atmosphere and Loathing: Surface-Atmosphere Interactions Across the Solar System
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Possible Long-Term and Short-Term Wind Patterns Inferred from Mapping Martian Large Ripples and Sand Dunes, Z. Y.-C. Liu, J. R. Zimbelman, L. K. Fenton [Abstract 2252], Poster Location: 222

Constraining Sources of Sand in the Aeolis Dorsa Region, Mars, Using Sand Dune Morphologies and Sand Distributions, A. S. Boyd, D. M. Burr [Abstract 1463], Poster Location: 225

Detailed In Situ Sampling of Two Dust Devils in Morocco, J. Raack, D. Reiss, M. R. Balme, K. Taj-Eddine, G. G. Ori [Abstract 1046], Poster Location: 226

Poster Session II: Presolar Grains and Other Small Particles
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Diffusion Process in Thermally Evolving Planetesimals for Presolar Silicate Grains, S. Wakita, T. Nozawa, Y. Hasegawa [Abstract 1279], Poster Location: 229

The Oxygen Isotope Composition of Comet Wild 2 Grains from the Bulb of Stardust Track 184, R. C. Ogliore, A. J. Westphal, K. Nagashima, G. R. Huss, T. K. Croat [Abstract 2355], Poster Location: 250

Infrared Spectroscopy for the Non-Destructive Identification of Presolar Grains, R. C. Ogliore, C. Dwyer, M. J. Krawczynski, M. Eisele, J. Filiberto [Abstract 2310], Poster Location: 251

Poster Session II: Chondrites: Whole Rocks and Clasts
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Distribution of REEs, Th, and U in R Chondrite, R. Maeda, N. Shirai, M. Ebihara [Abstract 2370], Poster Location: 264

Miller Range 07273: An Unusual Chondritic Melt Breccia, M. L. Hutson, A. M. Ruzicka [Abstract 2942], Poster Location: 274

Trace Element Compositions Bearing on the Origins of Large Igneous Inclusions in Ordinary Chondrites, A. M. Ruzicka, K. L. Schepker, Y. Guan [Abstract 2477], Poster Location: 279

Oriented Mineral Transformation in a Dark Inclusion from the Leoville Meteorite, P. C. Buchanan, M. E. Zolensky, M. K. Weisberg, K. Hagiya, T. Mikouchi, A. Takenouchi, H. Hasegawa, H. Ono, K. Higashi, K. Ohsumi [Abstract 2157], Poster Location: 280

Poster Session II: Chondrite Parent Bodies, Alteration, and Organics
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Shock-Darkening in Ordinary Chondrites: Modeling of the Pressure-Temperature Conditions, J. Moreau, T. Kohout, K. Wünnemann [Abstract 1012], Poster Location: 292

Shock-Darkening in Ordinary Chondrites - Numerical Calibration of Shock-Recovery Experiments, J. Moreau, T. Kohout, K. Wünnemann [Abstract 1558], Poster Location: 293

Collisional Histories of Small Planetesimals, T. M. Davison, E. Shivarani, G. S. Collins, D. P. O'Brien, F. J. Ciesla, P. A. Bland [Abstract 2296], Poster Location: 294

Textural Evidence for Shock-Related Metasomatic Replacement of Olivine by Phosphates in the Chelyabinsk Chondrite, C. R. Walton, M. Anand [Abstract 1487], Poster Location: 295

A Pervasive Reduction Event on the L-Chondrite Parent Asteroid, A. E. Rubin [Abstract 1151], Poster Location: 300

Poster Session II: OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa2 Missions
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Visible and Near-Infrared Spectral Survey of Carbonaceous Chodrites and Its Application to Hayabusa2, T. Hiroi, R. E. Milliken, C. M. Pieters, H. Kaiden, N. Imae, A. Yamaguchi, H. Kojima, S. Sasaki, M. Matsuoka, Y. Sato, T. Nakamura [Abstract 1086], Poster Location: 330

Poster Session II: Environmental Analogs II: Volcanic/Igneous Terrains
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Lava Texture Classification as a Function of Scale for RMS Height and Area Ratio Methods, H. C. Mallonee, S. E. Kobs Nawotniak, M. McGregor, S. S. Hughes, C. D. Neish, M. Downs, D. Delparte, D. S. S. Lim, J. Heldmann, FINESSE Team [Abstract 2975], Poster Location: 337

Lava Flow Morphology Classification Based on Measures of Roughness, H. C. Mallonee, S. E. Kobs Nawotniak, M. McGregor, S. S. Hughes, C. D. Neish, M. Downs, D. Delparte, D. S. S. Lim, J. Heldmann, FINESSE Team [Abstract 2992], Poster Location: 338

Poster Session II: Environmental Analogs VI: Canada Mars Sample Return Analogue Mission 2016
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

To Hel and Back – Strategic Planning for the CanMars 2016 Mars Sample Return Analogue Mission, E. A. Pilles, R. Francis, J. Newman, M. Cross, M. Battler, G. R. Osinski [Abstract 2022], Poster Location: 367

Implementation of Strategic Traverse Days During the CanMars 2016 Mars Sample Return Analogue Mission, E. A. Pilles, C. M. Caudill, R. Francis, M. Battler, G. R. Osinski [Abstract 2018], Poster Location: 368

The Use of Raman Spectroscopy for the 2016 CanMars MSR Analogue Mission, T. Xie, A. Mittelholz, G. R. Osinski [Abstract 1581], Poster Location: 380

Poster Session II: Lunar Volatiles and the Lunar Exosphere: Interior to the Surface to Space
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Quantifying Moderately Volatile Elements in Mare Basalts: Application of the Method, D. Burney, C. R. Neal, A. Simonetti [Abstract 1068], Poster Location: 402

D/H Fractionation During Sublimation of Water Ice at Low Temperatures into a Vacuum, J. I. Mortimer, C. Lécuyer, F. Fourel, J. D. Carpenter [Abstract 1945], Poster Location: 406

Numerical Exospheric Simulations of Water Delivery to the Lunar Polar Regions, J. Sangha, J. E. Moores, N. Schorghofer [Abstract 2144], Poster Location: 418

Comparisons of Impact Plume Detections in Publicly Archived LCROSS Time Series Observations, J. M. Schotte, R. L. Temme, P. D. Strycker, N. J. Chanover [Abstract 1503], Poster Location: 421

LRO/LAMP Campaign to Detect a Lunar Nanodust Exosphere, C. Grava, T. J. Stubbs, D. A. Glenar, K. D. Retherford [Abstract 2253], Poster Location: 426

Poster Session II: Lunar Impact Cratering
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A Global Lunar Crater Database, Complete for Craters ≥1 km, II, S. J. Robbins [Abstract 1631], Poster Location: 442

A New Model for Fresh Simple Crater Shapes from the Lunar Maria, J. E. Chappelow [Abstract 1695], Poster Location: 444

Morphological Study of Impact Basins of Terrestrial Planets Based on Spherical Harmonic Analysis, S. Sun, K. Di, Z. Yue, J. Ping [Abstract 1772], Poster Location: 453

Spacecraft Impacts on the Moon: Chang'E 1, Apollo LM Ascent Stages, P. J. Stooke [Abstract 1031], Poster Location: 454

Poster Session II: Impacts and Planetary Atmospheres
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Goldilocks and the Three Catastrophic Fragmentation Airburst Models, S. McMullan, G. S. Collins [Abstract 1450], Poster Location: 462

Poster Session II: Terrestrial Impact Events and Processes
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

CIRIR Programs: Drilling and Research Opportunities at the Rochechouart Impact Structure, P. Lambert, C. Alwmark, D. Baratoux, A. Brack, P. Bruneton, E. Buchner, P. Chevremont, P. Claeys, M. R. Dence, J. P. Floch, B. M. French, J. Gattacceca, R. L. Gibson, S. Goderis, R. A. F. Grieve, K. V. Hodges, F. Hörz, F. Jourdan, S. P. Kelley, T. Kenkmann, D. A. Kring, F. Langenhorst, M. R. Lee, P. Lindgren, J. Lofi, J. P. Lorand, B. Luais, V. Masaitis, A. Meunier, C. B. Moore, J. Ormö, G. R. Osinski, S. Petit, J. Pohl, Y. Quesnel, H. Reeves, P. Rochette, H. M. Sapers, M. Schmieder, P. H. Schultz, S. P. Schwenzer, C. S. Shoemaker, D. Stöffler, H. Trumel, F. Westall, A. Wittmann, K. Wünnemann [Abstract 1936], Poster Location: 463

Deformation and Shock Metamorphism in the Central Uplift of the East Clearwater Lake Impact Structure, A. S. P. Rae, R. A. F. Grieve, G. R. Osinski, G. S. Collins, J. V. Morgan [Abstract 1949], Poster Location: 474

Exotic Heavy Mineral Assemblage from a Large Archean Impact, B. L. Byerly, D. R. Lowe, G. R. Byerly [Abstract 1582], Poster Location: 479

Poster Session II: Investigations of Potential Impact Sites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Pliocene Impact Crater Discovered in Colombia: Geological, Geophysical, and Seismic Evidences, J. Gómez, A. Ocampo, V. Vajda, J. A. García, A. Lindh, A. Scherstén, A. Pitzsch, L. Page, A. Ishikawa, K. Suzuki, R. S. Hori, M. Buitrago, J. A. Flores, D. Barrero [Abstract 2466], Poster Location: 487

Poster Session II: Small Impacts and Small Impactors
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Investigation of Doublet Craters on Ceres as Evidence of Main Belt Binary Asteroid Systems, P. F. Wren, R. A. Fevig [Abstract 2407], Poster Location: 491

Porosity Adjustments of Carbonaceous Chondrite Analog, S. N. Congram, M. M. Strait, B. A. May [Abstract 2842], Poster Location: 492

Investigation of Particle Movement After Disruption, W. C. Elmer, M. M. Strait [Abstract 2931], Poster Location: 493

Modeling the Evolution of Ejects Clouds Off Small Bodies: An N-Body Particle Approach with REBOUND, J. Larson, G. Sarid [Abstract 2829], Poster Location: 494

Disruption of Carbonaceous Chondrite Analogs, B. A. May, M. J. Molesky, S. J. Jack, M. M. Strait, D. D. Durda, G. J. Flynn [Abstract 2529], Poster Location: 496

Poster Session II: Martian Landforms and Orbital Investigations
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Knobby Terrains at the Sources of the Navua-Hadriacus Drainage Systems on Mars: What Are the Knobs?, H. I. Hargitai, V. C. Gulick [Abstract 1763], Poster Location: 514

Poster Session II: Mars: Fluvial and Lacustrine Environments
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Stream-Lined Forms on Mars: Late Amazonian Channel and Island Systems in the Cyane–Gordii–Olympica Region, Tharsis Rise, H. I. Hargitai, V. C. Gulick [Abstract 1761], Poster Location: 515

Poster Session II: Geochemical Measurements from Landed Missions on Mars
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Automatically Identifying Rock Coatings in Laboratory LIBS Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms, D. A. Oyen, N. L. Lanza [Abstract 1479], Poster Location: 545

Poster Session II: Experimental Studies Related to Mars Geochemistry and Mineralogy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Laboratory Studies of Smectite Chloritization: Applications to the Clay Mineralogy of Gale Crater, Mars, A. M. Frushour, D. L. Bish [Abstract 2662], Poster Location: 560

Poster Session II: Future Mars Exploration and Landing Sites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Selection and Characterisation of the ExoMars 2020 Rover Landing Sites, J. C. Bridges, D. Loizeau, E. Sefton-Nash, J. Vago, R. M. E. Williams, M. Balme, S. M. R. Turner, P. Fawdon, J. M. Davis, ExoMars Landing Site Selection WG [Abstract 2378], Poster Location: 581

Mineralogical Analysis of ExoMars Rover Landing Sites Using CRISM, S. M. R. Turner, J. C. Bridges [Abstract 2228], Poster Location: 582

Poster Session II: Topics in Advanced Curation
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

X-Ray Computed Tomography: The First Step in Mars Sample Return Processing, L. C. Welzenbach, M. D. Fries, M. M. Grady, R. C. Greenwood, F. M. McCubbin, C. L. Smith, A. Steele, R. A. Zeigler [Abstract 2112], Poster Location: 596

Rust Contamination from Water Leaks in the Cosmic Dust Lab and Lunar and Meteorite Thin Section Labs at Johnson Space Center, J. J. Kent, E. L. Berger, M. D. Fries, R. Bastien, F. M. McCubbin, L. Pace, K. Righter, B. Sutter, R. A. Zeigler, M. Zolensky [Abstract 2161], Poster Location: 600

Poster Session II: Organic Compounds, Biosignatures, and Life Detection: Method Development, Instruments and Payloads
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Method Development Towards the Simultaneous Enantiomeric Quantification and δ13C Isotopic Analyses of Meteoritic Monocarboxylic Acids, H. K. Woodward, J. C. Aponte, J. E. Elsila, D. P. Glavin, J. P. Dworkin [Abstract 1524], Poster Location: 606

Nucleic Acid Extraction and Sequencing from Low-Biomass Synthetic Mars Analog Soils, A. Mojarro, J. Hachey, R. Bailey, M. Brown, R. Doebler, G. Ruvkun, M. T. Zuber, C. E. Carr [Abstract 1585], Poster Location: 609

Poster Session II: Instrument Concepts I: Cameras and Imagery
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

3D Models from Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry Using Mars Science Laboratory Images: Methods and Implications, A. M. Ostwald, J. M. Hurtado [Abstract 1787], Poster Location: 624

Poster Session II: Instrument Concepts II: Spectroscopy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Potassium–Argon Laser Experiment (KArLE): Design Concepts, Y. Cho, B. A. Cohen [Abstract 1118], Poster Location: 640

Poster Session II: Instrument Concepts III: Remote Sensing, Seismic, and Dust Sensors
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Comet Dust Analog Capture Experiments in Silicon Nitride Membrane "Spiderwebs", C. E. Jilly-Rehak, A. J. Westphal, V. Della Corte, A. Rotundi, S. A. Sandford [Abstract 2278], Poster Location: 660

Poster Session II: Instrument Concepts IV: In Situ and Drilling Tools
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Preparing and Characterizing Carbonaceous Chondrite Standards for Verification of ESA's 'PROSPECT' Package, J. I. Mortimer, M. Anand, A. B. Verchovsky, S. Nicoara, R. C. Greenwood, J. Gibson, I. A. Franchi, F. Ahmed, S. Strekopytov, J. D. Carpenter [Abstract 2113], Poster Location: 670

Testing the Mars 2020 Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) HEPA Filter and Scroll Pump in Simulated Mars Conditions, J. B. McClean, J. P. Merrison, J. J. Iversen, M. B. Madsen, K. Araghi, F. Meyen, W. T. Pike, D. Rapp, G. Sanders, P. Smith, G. Voecks, M. H. Hecht, MOXIE Team [Abstract 2410], Poster Location: 673

Poster Session II: Instrument Concepts V: Robotics, SmallSats, and Small Body Tools
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Miniature Lightweight X-Ray Optics (MiXO) and CubeSat X-Ray Telescope (CubeX) for Solar System Exploration, J. Hong, S. Romaine, B. Ramsey, L. Nittler, K. Gendreau, D. Spiga, M. Elvis, J. Grindlay [Abstract 2063], Poster Location: 688

Optical Gravimetry for Flyby Missions: Parametric Study and Validation, J. A. Atchison, R. H. Mitch, E. Mazarico [Abstract 2308], Poster Location: 691

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